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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer temporary, weekly and monthly memberships?

Yes we do. Call Dac for details on what we have to offer

Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes, we have showers for men and women and lockers that are day use. You may bring your own lock.

Is your gym crowded and do I have to wait to use equipment?

DAC is rarely so crowded that you have to wait for a piece of equipment. We take care of the members we have and welcome visitors. Our focus isn't on selling cheap memberships and having too many members for the amount of equipment available.

Do you carry water or sports drinks?

We do have a vending machine with water and sports drinks, we also have water fountains

Should I eat before I workout?

Everyone is different but it is best to eat a little something to maintain your strength blood sugar levels while training.

Do you have towel service?

We do not have towel service, so we suggest you bring your own. If you forget your towel we do keep a small supply at the front desk and you are welcome to use those.